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this series of blue eye vs brown eye videos

I can’t seem to find much discussion on them, although I keep hearing about these discussions? Searching tags has thus far proved useless, but I will keep looking when I finish up some paperwork I have to do.

But I will say that I have watched the videos, and I think they’re brilliant and important. I think its implementation and “debriefing” sections are incredibly telling for our society. If you watch the UK video, “How Racist Are You”, it shows you just how deep racist brainwashing goes. 

I know a lot of people are upset over how “mean” Jane Eliott is, and I find this wonderfully ironic. Brainwashed white people do not care that this is an experience faced by PoC every day. At all. All they see is someone being mean to white people. Even if you don’t think that it’s because they’re white, it is. Because when PoC are bullied, you don’t say anything. You don’t step up. The point of this experiment is to show you what PoC experience every day in our society, and all you can say is, “boy, she sure is mean!” 

When asked about her methods, whether or not they are too mean, Jane Elliott said, “Have you ever seen a lynching?” 

And then she dropped the mic and walked offstage.

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