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Eclectic Spectrum: I thought the saddest thought today: "Maybe if I had a Kindle I would read more..."


But seriously. Most of the books I have right now are PDFs. And as much as I love my Mac, I hate reading on it. And everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my Mac. If I had to choose between my Mac and a guy I was crushing on were dangling off of a cliff, best believe that I’m picking my Mac.

Not going to lie, when I hold my nook in my right hand and drink coffee with my left, I feel like Janeway in her ready room, fierce as fuck and ready to fight the Borg.

Also I began to read a lot more when I got my Nook. I used to read a ton as a child, constantly, twenty-four hours a day. I was actually known for it and frequently got in trouble at school for hiding a book behind my textbook. But when my grandmother died, I stopped reading so much for a very long time. She was where I got my love of books, and it was just difficult to stick with them for years.

Now I am once again known as a reader. It’s kind of funny. I haven’t been known for that in a really long time. 

Also: Mac love!

Conversation About My Nook

  • Me:

    Shit, I can't connect to the store. I tried to work around by downloading the nook app, but it won't even open.

  • W:

    Yeah, downside is, you won't have access to your library.

  • Me:

    lmao I can't have that. I need to have my library. It worked last time. I think I need to restore, then.

  • W:

    Lol why? What's so important that you have to give up your freedom?

  • Me:

    Books, you a-hole. What I use my reader for. All the books I've bought and haven't found online. Also the new OS has apps, so I won't lose everything.

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