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I have spent most of today working on a essay about the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan.

I am currently surrounded by library books about Teo. And even though Sara may give me crap for saying this, but I heart old book smell and wasting time imagining the past lives and readers of these beautiful used books.

Oh no no don’t get me wrong, I love books, too. I love book smell; I love book history. I just absolutely hate people who are really shitty about eReaders and think there’s absolutely nothing positive about them. I hate the people who act like the advent of the eBook equals the death of publishing rather than the natural evolution of it. I hate people who can’t recognize the merits of an ebook simply because it does not smell like an old book. It’s a lovely smell, one of my favorites and the reason why I have a ton of bookshelves… But ebooks have their place and are merely the future of information distribution.

That ecard I made about stone tablets vs paper books has 335 notes and some of the most hilarious responses. I wish tumblr wasn’t such an ass so that I could respond to them all.

I remember reading one where the person called it arrogant and launched into this tirade about how paper books are superior to tablets, and I just had to laugh because they missed the entire point. I love how sensitive paper book advocates are. I need to find that one again and respond.

Because it’s like, dude, I love books. I lost a lot of books in a fire. I have four bookshelves. You don’t have to be a technophile to realize some people are seriously overreacting to the paper versus ebook debate. The ecard said that stone tablets are superior because of their smell. And while I love the smell of books, typically people who use that argument are the haughty paper book advocates who look down on anybody who would own a tablet for any reason at all. People like that don’t see ereaders as a natural progression of written communication but rather as an attack on literature as a whole, as though the electronic book is somehow intellectually inferior to its printed counterpart. That was the point of that ecard, not to serve as a prompt for your anti-technology tirade.

easy/lucky/free: Dear everyone, You are not better than anyone else because you...


Dear everyone,

You are not better than anyone else because you have/don’t have an E-Reader. I have a Kindle and I use it regularly, but I still read printed books. I am not any less of a ‘reader’ because I want to save myself physical room and money by owning a Kindle. Not everyone has the…

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