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Guys there’s a wikipedia article about misandry! That must mean it’s real!

Look, guys! I just proved the existence of reverse racism!

I feel bad for those suckers on the History Channel trying to find Bigfoot. Why didn’t they just link to the Wikipedia article?

oh my god

fuck yall bigfoot is way more real than misandry

I saw a blurry picture of misandry once… though it could have just been some guy in a suit.





Except society has made women’s chests a sexual object while men’s chests remain not.

…… If you persist in talking about or commenting on a woman’s breasts when she has told you she’s uncomfortable, then you are sexually harassing her and you’re a douchebag. Similarly, if you tell her she’s being too sensitive because she doesn’t want you to talk about a very sexualized part of her body, you’re also being a douchebag.

Men aren’t sexually objectified to the same extent women are. And their muscles are not sexualized in the same way that breasts are— i.e. men can show their muscles in public without any repercussions but if a woman shows her tits in public, she’ll probably get the law called on her and called a ‘dumb slut’ or some variety therein.  

Boobs do not equal muscles when it comes to sexualization or objectification. Not even close. Women are evaluated and shamed concurrently for having their breasts on display all the time. Remember all the prudish freaking out people did/do over women very simply breastfeeding their children in public of late? Not because WOMEN are necessarily sensitive about breasts, the culture is sensitive about breasts. Women with their breasts on even partial display are demeaned, and judged to “deserve” violence, rape and scorn. Men show off their muscles all the time and typically suffer no penalty. The reason the comparison seems so silly to the guy? He’s in a position of privilege where he can demean women (and feel beholden to it) by saying “nice boobs” due to the patriarchal nature of our society, while there are very few situations he’ll encounter where anyone will feel justified in making his entire person all about his dick simply because he’s in public. Women seem sensitive about their breasts because they’ve been told they’re private, personal and on some level taboo. If men walked around in their underwear more often, and gender inequality in men’s favor wasn’t so much the norm, he’d be much less clueless about what it was to be “sensitive”. Logic fail. 


I don’t particularly care to rehash all of the garbage he spewed on Twitter yesterday, but I wanted to briefly showcase some of the most disturbing messages that Tumblr politics tag editor Alexander Ryking posted on a public forum last night. I just have one question: is this mature, professional behavior? Is this the type of person you want curating your tag content, Tumblr? Reblog if your answer is a resounding NO.

In order, here’s just what we’ve got in the screencap—he says similar things on his personal Tumblr all the time, but I thought it was important to point out that his troubled behavior is now spilling over to other media:

  • calling women morons, feminazis and cunts
  • equating the denial of “misandry” (a concept that is overwhelmingly rejected by everyone who understands gender politics) to denying scientific consensus
  • stating that women who dislike him must have “daddy issues” 
  • again with the “daddy issues” thing, which IMO is the most grossly sexist part of this entire tirade
  • equating women to dogs
  • telling feminists to go die

This isn’t about removing him from the position of editor because of political disagreements; after all, Ryking isn’t a conservative! This is about baseless personal attacks against women specifically (although non-women who disagree with him about “feminazis” have incurred his wrath as well) and for no reason other than they identify as feminists. I cannot stress enough that these attacks take place in an internet culture where being an outspoken, visible woman online will routinely earn you death threats, sexual harassment, and acts of intimidation. Here we have someone completely oblivious to the way his words contribute to that atmosphere, and yet we’re supposed to trust him to edit the official politics tag? How can we believe that this man’s raging misogyny doesn’t spill over into that? It’s absolutely unacceptable.

This guy is a fucking joke, and if anyone is following him, I urge you to unfollow immediately. I rolled my eyes when he defended a sexist asshole against cyberbullying when said asshole is one of the biggest cyberbullies on the entire planet, but this? And his female privilege checklist? This guy is a trip, man, no joke. He is lower than low, and we all need to ignore him. Work towards removing him from editor and combatting his rhetoric in general, but there is no changing this guy. He is utterly pathetic. I guess it’s good he’s gay because wow I can’t imagine him getting a woman with this attitude.



Dear Life & Style: 

Fuck you in every way possible. 

Shiloh can act however she wants. Short hair is cute on girls. And dinosaurs are awesome. 

I highly doubt Brad Pitt is wringing his hands over his daughter acting awesome. 

Wow that is some hardcore gender binary reinforcing. There are going to be a lot of pearls clutched at the supermarket checkout line.

“Dolls to dinosaurs!? HEAVENS!”


I get so mad every fucking time I see this shit on magazine covers. So Shiloh likes to wear ties, so what. So she likes dinosaurs. So. Fucking. What. I always preferred dinosaurs to Barbies, and I turned out pretty fuckin cool. Know who is ridiculing Shiloh right now? Life & Fucking Style





Damn shame.

They both work, one is just a lot less gayer than the other


Is this the way Nice Guys really think it works?  Treat people like shit and they’ll go crazy for you, but if you treat them with respect, they blow you off? 
Blah. This just plays into the old stereotype of “women can’t think rationally, they date scumbags because they’re attracted to jerks, nice guys finish last.” It’s not new, it’s not funny, and it’s certainly not true.

Um. The first guy seems to be a perfectly respectable, striking up a real conversation, so her angry face is absolutely baffling…. Until you realize this artist really thinks women are this fucking stupid and this is how our minds works Real nice guy. Wonder why he can’t seem to get laid

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onetitwonder-deactivated2014031 asked:

Friend Zone Fiona is not sexist in any way. It's about a girl who is leading a guy on. If you believe this doesn't happen, you're stuck in angry irrational feminist zone. Plus, the people she represents are usually worthless whores.

This is the most unintentionally hilarious ask I’ve ever received. Good job.

First off, you have a lot to learn about The Nice Guy (TM) and feminism in general. Jeff Fecke has one of the best write ups on the subject I’ve read so far.

Second, a lot of times women are not “leading you on”. As a woman, it never ceases to amaze me how being nice to a guy can equal leading them on. You can’t be nice to some men because they automatically think you’re gift wrapping your vagina. Sometimes women are just being polite. Are there women who use their looks in a way that gets them what they want? Yes, but not enough to warrant the “friendzone”/”nice guy” phenomena. Pretending such reveals your pretty shitty views on women.

Do you have any idea what it’s like to be a woman on the receiving end of these messages? No, because men like you only care about their own perspectives. It sucks when someone you care about doesn’t like you, but no matter how “nice” you are, that doesn’t entitle you to anything. Do you have any idea how many guilt trips I’ve gotten for not returning some dude’s affections? I’ve even had a dude tell me I’m not a lesbian. He felt that entitled to my sexuality. He was allowed to tell me who I should date. Namely him.

And guys like that, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell them “no”, they won’t take the hint. That guy, the one who told me I’m not a lesbian, he tried to kiss me after that. After I told him no. No. No. No. But everybody agreed he was a “nice guy”. Men think that if they keep being nice to a girl, eventually her panties will drop, and she’ll be yours. Even if she tells you no.

So the friend zone with a Nice Guy(TM) typically works like this:

Nice Guy (TM): Hey I’m going to be nice to you.
Nice Girl: Awesome, you’re a nice guy.
Nice Guy (TM) : Since I’ve been nice to you, how about some poontang?
Nice Girl: I’m not actually interested, but how about I continue being nice because I’m a nice girl.
Nice Guy (TM) : Alright, I’ll continue to be nice.
Nice Girl: Good, I’m glad you value me as a person and not just a piece of ass.
Nice Guy (TM): You’ve continued to be nice to me. Clearly you want my dick.
Nice Girl: What, no, I’m just being a nice person
Nice Guy(TM): Oh my god what the fuck am I wasting my time on. the only reason to have a nice, friendly relationship with a girl is to get laid, that’s the only reason men and women are ever, ever nice to each other, you really thought I valued you as a person?
Nice Girl: Oh what the fuck you’re not nice at all.

You can call me an angry fucking feminist all you want but that’s the reality of the friendzone. The negativity attached to it suggests that friendship with a woman is a horrible fucking thing to be avoided, and boy does that feel awesome for a woman to hear.

There are nice guys, and there are Nice Guys(TM). Learn the fucking difference.

Oh but I’m wasting my breath because your last line obviously shows you value women based solely on their sexuality, so this opinion is no surprise

Sometimes I love r/asoiaf for the theories and shit it introduces me to

And other times they hate Dany, worship Victarion and want him to make her his saltwife

they honestly think a rapist is the coolest guy and want him to repeatedly rape a strong main female character

Do you know how many upvotes shit like that gets?

Somebody tell me is better. I’m guessing GRRM would be saddened to hear this shit.

garbagepizza said:

Playing the oppression game ends with only losers. Racism and sexism often go hand in hand. They are intertwined issues

Oh I agree, I don’t mean to diminish the intersectionality of the entire topic of oppression. One point I was trying to write about and completely forgot to express was that white feminists fighting about sexism being stronger than racism and comparing it to slavery seems to me like privilege denial. I get irritated when people compare anything to American slavery because, wow, slavery in the US was completely unique in size and scope, and yet people try and hijack it for their own cause, whether that’s feminism, veganism, or the mythical “reverse racism” (“Africans had slaves, too!”). It diminishes the impact US slavery should have on us and does a serious injustice to the topic. So it was more of a two fold rant that became a 1.5 fold rant.

And I also feel like calling out privilege denial of white feminists is not just “infighting” like people claim and more just plain fighting racism, everywhere it rears its head.

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